Les éditions des Ecrits politiques


1) Éditions françaises

Écrits politiques (1814-1816), édition critique par Colin Smethurst, Genève, Droz («Classiques de la pensée politique», 18), 2002, 592p.


2) Traductions


a) Traductions en anglais


On the Censorship recently established by virtue of Article IV of the Act of March 17, 1822, London, 1824 [De la censure que l’on vient d’établir en vertu de l’article 4 de la loi du 17 mars 1822].


The Speech of the Viscount de Chateaubriand, Minister of Foreign Affairs delivered in the Chamber of Peers on 30th April 1823, London, J. Hatchard & Son, 1823.


Speech of Viscount de Chateaubriand, peer of France and Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs: delivered in the Chamber of Deputies, on 25th of February, 1823, London, J. Hatchard & Son, 1823.


Memoirs, letters, and authentic details relating to the life and death of H.R.H. Monseigneur, Charles Ferdinand d'Artois, prince of the blood royal, Duke de Berry, London, C. and J. Ollier, 1821.


The monarchy according to the Charter, London, John Murray, 1816, xvi-252p.


The Congress of Verona: comprising a portion of Memoirs of his own times. By M. de Chateaubriand. London, Richard Bentley, 1838, 2 vol.


Report on the State of France made to the King of France in council by the Viscount de Chateaubriand, to which is added the Manifesto of Louis XVIII addressed to the French Nation, as drawn up by the Count de Lally Tolendal, London, J. M. Richardson, 1815 [Rapport sur l’état de la France au 12 mai 1815, faite au Roi dans son conseil à Gand].


Political reflections on the true interests of the French nation, London, H. Colburn, 1814.


Of Buonaparte, and the Bourbons, and the necessity of rallying round our legitimate princes for the happiness of France and that of Europe. By F. A. de Chateaubriand. London, Henry Colburn, 1814, 84p.


Offerings to Buonaparte, London, Henry Colburn, 1814 [Of Buonaparte, and the Bourbons by F.-A. de Chateaubriand, 1814 ; Napoleon's conduct toward Prussia since the Peace of Tilsit, 1814 ; Letters adressed to Lord Liverspool and the Parliament on the prelimineries of peace, by Calvus, 1814 ; A view of the political state of Europe after the Battle of Leipsick, 1813].


Portrait of Bonaparte : being a view of his administration, New-York, Eastburn, Kirk & Co., 1814 [Includes (p. 75-87): Ode to Napoleon Bonaparte, by Lord Byron].


b) Traductions en italien


Di Buonaparte et dei Borboni, a cura di Cesare Garboli, trad. de Cesare Garboli e Graziella Giordano, Milan, Adelphi, 2000, 178 p.