Les traductions anglaises des œuvres de F.R. de Chateaubriand


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Traductions anglaises séparées de René


René : a tale, translation of René, Boston, Cummings and Hilliard, 1815, xxi-92p.


René. A tale, etc., London, T. Hamilton, 1813, viii-70p.


Traductions anglaises séparées d'Atala :


Atala, translated by M. F. Sweetser, New York, H. M. Caldwell, 1911?, xv-200p.


Atala. A love tale, in six cantos of verse. Translated from the French prose of the Viscount Chateaubriand. Sonnets. Lyrics, by Gerard, London, Longmans & Co., 1873, 250p. [Kessinger Legacy Reprints, 2010].


Atala, translated by James Spence Harry from Firmin Didot’s edition of the Viscount’s works. Illustrated by Gustave Doré, London/New York, Cassell/ Petter & Galpin, 1867, xxii-86p.

- New York, Fine Art Pub. Co., 1879; 1880.

- London/New York, Cassell/ Petter & Galpin, 1884.

- Chicago/New York, Belford/Clarke & Co., 1886; 1887.

- New York, P. J. Kenedy, 1898.

- Chicago, Belford-Clarke, 1891.

- New York, Cassell, 1900.

- Dore’s Atala, Mineola, N. Y., Dover Publications, 2007.


Atala, translated from the French, London, H. G. Clarke & Co., 1844, 46p.


Atala, translated by M. J. Smead & H.P. Lefebvre, New York, H.G. Langley, 1844, 41p.


Atala ; from the French of M. Chateaubriand. With the Death of Abel; Idyls; and First Navigator; from the German of S. Gessner. Few MS. notes. London, Baynes & Son, etc., 1825 [with an additional titlepage, engraved. The translation of “Atala” is different from the 1817 edition].


Atala, translated ... by the Revd. Richard Marshall, St. Petersburg, Alexander Pluchart, 1817.


Atala ; or, The amours of two savages in the desert, translated from the French, etc., London, Gale, Curtis & Fenner, 1813, xv-162p.


Atala, translated from the French and with explanatory notes. London, G. & J. Robinson, 1802.


Atala, or The love and constancy of two savages in the desert, translated from the French of F. A. Chateaubriand by Caleb Bingham; published according to act of Congress, Boston, Caleb Bingham, 1802, 177p.

- Boston, S.T. Armstrong, 1814, 178p. 2e edition.

- Une réimpression avec une introduction a été donnée par W. L. Schwartz, Standford University Press, Palo Alto, California, 1930, 114p.

- Published in paperbook, New York, CosimoClassics, 2008.


Atala : or, The amours of two Indians in the wilds of America, London, printed by W. and C. Spilsbury for Didier and Tebbet and sold by H.D. Symonds, 1801.

- London, Printed for J. Lee, 1802.

- London, Printed for Tegg and Castleman, 1803.


Traductions séparées de l'Abencérage:


The last Abencerage, translation by Edith M. Nuttall, London, A. H. Stockwell, 1922, 56p.


The Adventures of the last Abencerrage, translated by H.W. Carter, London, William Freeman, 1870, 32p.


The last of the Abencerages, translated by Isabel Hill, in Tales of the Alhambra, London/Edinburgh, R. Bentley/Belle and Bradfute, 1835, pp. 244-281.


Aben-Hamet, the last of the Abencerages, translated from the French, with a portrait, London, Treuttel & Würtz, Treuttel Jun. & Richter, 1826.


Stories by Chateaubriand (The last of the Abencerrages ; Atala), London/Edinburgh, T.C. & E.C. Jack, 1909, xxi-143p.

- London/New York, MacMillan/Collier-MacMillan, 1909.

- New York, E. P. Dutton, 1909.


Traductions anglaises de recueils de nouvelles (Atala, René, l'Abencérage) :


Atala and René, tanslated by Rayner Heppenstall and introduced by Robert Baldick, London/New York, Oxford University Press, 1963, xv-96p.

- Richmond, Oneworld Classics, 2010, 119p.


Atala. René, a new translation by Irving Putter, Berkeley/Los Angeles/London, University of California Press, 1952.

- Berkeley, University of California Press, 1959; 1967; 1974, 122p.

- Berkeley, University of California Press, 1980 (Electronic Books).


Stories by Chateaubriand (The last of the Abencerrages ; Atala), London/Edinburgh, T.C. & E.C. Jack, 1909, xxi-143p.

- London/New York, MacMillan/Collier-MacMillan, 1909.

- New York, E. P. Dutton, 1909.


Atala and René, translated by Colin Smethurst, London, Grant & Cutler, 1995.


Traductions anglaises des Mémoires d'outre-tombe :


Memoirs from beyond the tomb, selected and translated by Robert Baldick; introduction by Philip Mansel, London, Penguin Books, 2014.


The memoirs of Chateaubriand, selected, translated, and with an introduction by Robert Baldick, New York, Knopf, 1961, 394p. [1st American ed.].

- London, H. Hamilton, 1961, 394p.

- Harmondsworth, Penguin Books, 1965, 432p.

- [S. I.] Nabu Press, 2010 [contains volumes one and two, 314, 142p.].


The memoirs of François René, vicomte de Chateaubriand, being a translation by Alexander Teixeira De Mattos of the Mémoires d’outre-tombe, with illustrations from contemporary sources, New York/London, G.P. Putnam/Freemantle, 1902, 6 vol.


Memoirs of Chateaubriand : from his birth in 1768, till his return to France in 1800, London, Henry Colburn, 1849, iv-456p.


An autobiography de François-René de Chateaubriand, translation of Mémoires d’outre-tombe, London, Simms ans Mclntyre, 1849, 2 vol. in 1.


Memoirs of Chateaubriand, written by himself, London, Henry Colburn, 1848 [ A translation of pt. 1 and part of pt. 2. liv. 1 of Mémoires d'outre-tombe; with a portrait ].


Traductions anglaises des Natchez :


Celuta; or, The Natchez. An Indian tale. London, Henry Colburn and Richard Bentley, 1832, 3 vol. [2nd edition].


The Natchez ; an Indian tale. London, Henry Colburn, 1827, 3 vol.

- Baltimore, Johns Hopkins Press/Liége Printed, 1932.

- New York, H. Fertig, 1978 [reprint of the 1827 ed. published by H. Colburn].


Traductions anglaises des Martyrs :


The Martyrs, a revised translation edited by O. W. Wight, New York, A. M. Derby and Jackson, 1859, 451p.

- New York, H. W. Derby, 1861.

- New York, D. & J. Sadlier, 1859; 1863; 1865; 1874; 1878; 1887.

- New York, P. J. Kenedy, 1896; 1902.


The Loves of Endorus and Cymodoce : a moral tale, translated by W.J. Walter, London, 1813.


The martyrs, or, The triumph of the Christian religion, New York, published by Whiting and Watson; John Forbes, printer, 1812, 3 vol.


The martyrs, or, The triumph of the Christian religion, translated by W. Joseph Walter, London, J. Ebers, 1812, 2 vol.

- 2nd edition : The Two Martyrs, London, 1819, 2 vol.


Traductions anglaises du Génie du christianisme :


The Spirit and Beauty of the Christian Religion : selections from Chateaubriand's Genius of Christianity, translated with an introduction, by Emma B. Stork, Philadelphia, Lindsay & Blakiston, 1858, 213p.


The genius of Christianity, or the Spirit and Beauty of the Christian Religion, a new and complete translation from the French with a preface, biographical notice of the author, and critical and explanatory notes by Charles Ignatius White, Baltimore, John Murphy, 1856, 763p.

- New York, Fertig, 1976 [reproduction of the 1856 ed., Baltimore].


Genius of Christianity. Or the Spirit and beauties of the Christian religion, translated by the Rev. E. O'Donnell, Paris, E. Thunot, 1854, xii-403p.


The beauties of Christianity, by F. A. de Chateaubriand, translated from the French by Frederic Shoberl, with a preface and notes by Henry Kett, London, Henry Colburn, 1813, 3 vol.

- Philadelphia, M. Carey, 1815


Demonstration of the existence of God from the wonderful works of nature, translated and dedicated by permission to the Lord Bishop of Landaff, by Frederic Shoberl, London, Printed for Richard Phillips, 1806.


Traductions anglaises de récits de voyages :


Chateaubriand’s travels in América, translated by Richard Switzer, Lexington, University of Kentucky Press, 1969.


Travels in America and Italy, by Viscount de Chateaubriand, London, Henry Colburn, 1828, 2 vol.


Travels in Greece, Palestine, Egypt, and Barbary, during the years 1806 and 1807, translated by Frederic Shoberl. London, Henry Colburn, 1812, in-8°, 2 vol.

- New York, Van Winkle and Wiley, 1814, 2 vol. [edition embellished with a map].

- 2nd edition : London, Henry Colburn, 1835, in-12° , 2 vol.

- 3rd edition : London, Henry Colburn, 1835.


Traductions anglaises d'écrits politiques :


The Congress of Verona: comprising a portion of Memoirs of his own times. By M. de Chateaubriand. London, Richard Bentley, 1838, 2 vol.


On the Censorship recently established by virtue of Article IV of the Act of March 17, 1822, London, 1824 [De la censure que l’on vient d’établir en vertu de l’article 4 de la loi du 17 mars 1822].


The Speech of the Viscount de Chateaubriand, Minister of Foreign Affairs delivered in the Chamber of Peers on 30th April 1823, London, J. Hatchard & Son, 1823.


Speech of Viscount de Chateaubriand, peer of France and Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs: delivered in the Chamber of Deputies, on 25th of February, 1823, London, J. Hatchard & Son, 1823.


Memoirs, letters, and authentic details relating to the life and death of H.R.H. Monseigneur, Charles Ferdinand d'Artois, prince of the blood royal, Duke de Berry, London, C. and J. Ollier, 1821.


The monarchy according to the Charter, London, John Murray, 1816, xvi-252p.


Report on the State of France made to the King of France in council by the Viscount de Chateaubriand, to which is added the Manifesto of Louis XVIII addressed to the French Nation, as drawn up by the Count de Lally Tolendal, London, J. M. Richardson, 1815 [Rapport sur l’état de la France au 12 mai 1815, faite au Roi dans son conseil à Gand].


Political reflections on the true interests of the French nation, London, H. Colburn, 1814.


Of Buonaparte, and the Bourbons, and the necessity of rallying round our legitimate princes for the happiness of France and that of Europe. By F. A. de Chateaubriand. London, Henry Colburn, 1814, 84p.


Offerings to Buonaparte, London, Henry Colburn, 1814 [Of Buonaparte, and the Bourbons by F.-A. de Chateaubriand, 1814 ; Napoleon's conduct toward Prussia since the Peace of Tilsit, 1814 ; Letters adressed to Lord Liverspool and the Parliament on the prelimineries of peace, by Calvus, 1814 ; A view of the political state of Europe after the Battle of Leipsick, 1813].


Portrait of Bonaparte : being a view of his administration, New-York, Eastburn, Kirk & Co., 1814 [Includes (p. 75-87): Ode to Napoleon Bonaparte, by Lord Byron].


Traductions anglaises d'essais : 


Sketches of English literature ; with considerations on the spirit of the times, men, and revolutions, London, H. Colburn, 1836, 2 vol. [1837, 2nd edition].


An Historical, Political and Moral Essay on Revolutions, ancient and modern, London, Henry Colburn, 1815 [An abridgment].


Traductions anglaises d'autres écrits


Recollections of Italy, England and America, with essays on various subjects in morals and literature, London, Henry Colburn, 1815, 2 vol.

- Philadelphia, Published by M. Carey, 1816, 364p.


Letter from Rome, addressed to M. de Fontanes, translated by W. Joseph Walter, London, Keating, Brown, and Keating, 1815, 48p.